Easy-fall granules and powders

They are dry products formed by granules and may or may not contain a certain proportion of powder. Due to their physical nature, they are products that flow easily by the simple effect of gravity, and do not tend to compact or form vaults during handling.

Some examples:

• Sugar

• Salt

• Grain fertilizers

• Pharmaceutical granules

• Powder detergents

• Soluble Coffee

• Sweeteners

• Black pepper

• Instant tea

• Instant soluble beverages

• Silica gel

This type of products are mainly dosed using volumetric systems. IMAR has developed several technical solutions based on this concept, which are applied depending on the granulometry of the product, the presence of dust, adhesion, and other physical characteristics.

The most common systems that we integrate in our machines for the packaging of these products are: volumetric dispensers with oscillating movement cups, rotating circular sectors, or rectilinear movement cups.