Packaging lines






IMAR designs and manufactures packaging solutions for the production of monodose flexible packaging

Our packaging solutions consist of a catalog with four main lines of machinery, depending on the format of the container to be produced: Sticks, Sachets, doypacks, filling containers.

In all cases, there is a wide range of packaging equipment available so that each customer can find the solution that best suits the production needs of their project.

We also have a wide variety of dosing systems that can be equipped in all our packaging solutions, which allows us to always find the optimal packaging solution for each application and project.

Types of packaging


What are packaging solutions?

Packaging machinery is the set of industrial and mechanical packaging solutions designed to package products more efficiently. They involve processes such as filling, sealing, labelling and packaging, contributing to the automation and speed of production.


Essentially, packaging solutions are the machinery on the production line where finished products are packaged to protect them during shipping and handling for use. Obviously, the packaging machinery used must be controlled so that it is always well automated and efficient enough for large-scale production.


Today, packaging solutions are part of our daily lives, as packaging is everywhere and we interact with it constantly. Packaging plays a crucial role in the protection, preservation and presentation of all products. They can be of various materials and shapes, as they have to be adapted to the different shapes of the product. For example, doypacks for nuts, or fillers for milk or water. Hence the importance of packaging solutions in packaging lines.

What does marketing have to do with packaging?

Packaging solutions and marketing are closely related, as the design of the packaging gives you an ease of use for the product. However, the perception of the product on the packaging line directly impacts the perception of the end consumer.


An attractive and functional package not only fulfils the requirements of a well-crafted package, but can also be a very powerful tool in the eyes of the consumer. Visual identity, clear information and any distinctive elements on the packaging are key positive aspects that companies consider to make their products stand out from the competition.


Packaging machinery is indispensable from a marketing point of view. It plays a key role, as the choice of material and the arrangement of the product on the packaging are key factors. We have to keep in mind that the customer is king and we have to build a strong and successful identity to be among his choices in such a competitive and changing market.


Nowadays, a key and indispensable element for your company is undoubtedly the collaboration of packaging solutions and marketing, as these are the communication channel between the company or products and the consumers.


That is why we recommend you to count on a company that adapts both to the new physical trends of the product in an aesthetic way and to the main reason for packaging solutions, which is the protection and conservation of products in an efficient way.


At Imar we make it easy for you by offering you the best machinery for packaging that best suits you, your company and your product. Visit our website and make up your mind.