Vertical Packaging Machine Dipack

Vertical packaging machine Dipack

Concentrated efficiency with vertical packaging machine DIPACK Versatility and simplicity are the qualities that best define DIPACK vertical packaging machine.

This equipment is a response to the demand for efficient equipment, but at the same time simple to operate, requiring low maintenance, and where the production volume is not the main requirement without sacrificing the quality of construction and the latest technology.

Technical Specifications

*Todas las dimensiones corresponden a la máquina sin dosificador y sin cinta de salida

**Indicative values. The exact value will depend on the number of tracks and the type of dispenser.

***Depends on the series

Types of packaging: Sachet

Various presentations are available, as well as the possibility of making strings, duos, tetrahedrons...


Like the rest of our packaging equipment, the Dipack family can be equipped with any of the dosing systems available in our catalog and thus adapt to the type of product to be packaged. As well as different options and accessories.