At IMAR we are aware of the growth of the cosmetics sector in recent years.

Packaging has become a very powerful marketing and communication tool.

Personalization and differentiation in packaging, sustainability, cost reduction, safety and flexibility in manufacturing processes are some of the main trends in packaging for the cosmetics sector.

IMAR is at the forefront of packaging technologies to provide our customers with faster and more reliable equipment. Versatile equipment that allows packaging several products of different nature at the same time, flexible packaging with opening and closing systems.

In addition, the equipment can be complemented with:

• Die-cutting systems to give specific shapes to flexible packaging

• Wide range of presentations: sachets, sticks, pillow, zipper, doypack, jars.

• Several dispensers in one machine.

• Advanced temperature and pressure regulation systems for a more aesthetic finish of the containers.

• End of line for finishing in cases.

Equipment adaptable to ATEX regulations