Stick Pack | Pillow

The Stick Pack /Pillow provides an objective advantage over flat packages with three or four seals: for the same content, it saves approximately 30% of packaging material, although this also means a smaller surface area for including product information or highlighting the brand name.

Stick Pack

The Stick Pack format appeared in the 1970s and emerged as a novel alternative to the flexible single-dose packs that had existed up to that time. Its tubular and elongated shape, very different from traditional flat packs, made the Stick Pack an aesthetically attractive package that quickly became popular. Today, the Stick Pack format is present in products of any sector, and has become consolidated as an everyday single-dose presentation.

IMAR offers a solid line of equipment for the production of this type of packaging, ranging from the most discreet to the most demanding productions, which can be applied to all types of products.


The cushion format, known as PILLOW bags, is one of the most widely used packages on the market due to its high production capacity and easy design.

Great variety of presentations: single envelopes, duo, strings, blankets, with different easy-opening systems, with die-cuts…

We can pack all kinds of products, or even two products of different nature at the same time. From powdered, granulated, liquid or pasty products, to solid products such as candies, wipes or stickers.

Suitable for any type of heat sealable material: cellulose, PET-PE, metallized, varnished and, of course, also BIODEGRADABLE materials.

The STICK/ PILLOW family has as standard a chassis made entirely of AISI-304 stainless steel, and integrates as standard the most advanced automatisms and technological elements: servo-motorized transmission, PLC control, and touch screen control panel among others.

IMAR offers a wide range of equipment, which makes it possible to find the most suitable packaging solution whatever the production needs of each project.

Stick Pack | Pillow