Customer Care


In IMAR technical assistance is always guaranteed, a phone call activates the service, our engineers will attend and try to solve the incident in the fastest and most efficient way and if the direct intervention at the customer's facilities is required, they will go there urgently.

We know that your packaging equipment is the most important thing for your business and that the response you expect must be immediate, professional and efficient, we don't know any other way.

Remote assistance service

IMAR's remote assistance allows our engineers to connect directly with your machine offering you efficient and immediate technical assistance in real time.

This system allows you to diagnose and identify the best solution to possible incidents and help you to restore production immediately with considerable cost savings and ensuring direct communication. This service allows for software upgrades that will provide the machine with the best performance in the most optimal operating conditions.


At IMAR we believe that it is essential to train our customers' operators and technicians to help them achieve their goals, improve efficiency and shorten the learning curve. For this reason, upon previous request, we offer the knowledge we have of our machines by training your personnel in an exclusive, continuous and personalized way. A tailor-made service adapted to the needs of each customer.

We send our engineers directly to each customer's facilities, to perform the training directly on the machine they are going to work with. On the other hand, in our facilities in Aranjuez we have classrooms, work spaces and test machines to train your personnel if necessary. Nobody better than our engineers and technicians, the creators of your machine, to give our trainings.