Printed heat-sealed bag with flat side gussets and curved bottom gusset. Allows large filling capacity of products.

Composed of a stainless steel AISI -304 chassis, servomotorized drive and high precision and high speed camshafts, industrial PLC, touch screen to control all pressure, temperature and sealing time parameters, guaranteeing a high quality final product at all times.

Easy to operate and with direct visualization to mechanical and mobile zones, allowing preventive maintenance to produce containers with IMAR quality.

Unlike vertical multi-lane sachet packaging machines, this equipment allows a more aesthetic design of the sachet, becoming a very attractive marketing and brand image tool for sectors such as cosmetics or parapharmacy.

They are also modular machines in which stations can be added depending on the complexity of the bag, ranging from a SACHET, SINGLE SACHET, to for example, DOYPACK type pouches that allow to keep the package in vertical position avoiding its content to spill or for example also, pouches or Doypack with ZIPPER, ZIPPER or CAP type CLOSING SYSTEMS that allow several uses of the same.

The latter types of packaging are mainly used in the food industry and in the chemical industry for both solid and viscous and/or liquid products.

Like the rest of IMAR equipment, this line is suitable for any kind of thermoweldable material: cellulose, PET-PE, metallized, varnished and of course, also BIODEGRADABLE materials.

IMAR offers a wide range of equipment, which allows to find the most suitable packaging solution whatever the production needs of each project. In the SACHET line we have the following series: