Hard-to-fall powders filling machine

The powders filling machines work with the group of dry products consisting of fine powder particles. They are generally very volatile products and therefore do not flow easily, tend to compact, and form vaults during handling.

Some examples:

• Flours

• Chemical Yeast

• Cocoa powder

• Powdered dyes

• Ground pepper

• Talc

• 3 in 1 Coffee

• Spices

Since these are products that do not flow easily by gravity alone, the poeders filling machines requires an endless screw dispenser. The endless screw dosers developed by IMAR for our powders filling machines are controlled by independent servo-motors on each screw. This makes it possible to adjust the dosage on each of the lines independently with total precision. Moreover, thanks to an exclusive IMAR design, our endless screw dosers are completely closed systems in which the product is never exposed to the outside during the packaging process, as it happens in the traditional designs used by most manufacturers.

This avoids leaks and product accumulation around the powder filling machine and, more importantly, eliminates the risk of any external element accidentally entering the container and contaminating its contents.